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Okay, so I'm sitting here in the school computer lab attempting to write a 10 page paper in four hours given that I have known about it for weeks and neglected to do it because of the simple fact that I did not fucking want to. I come to the computer lab because there are just too many distractions at home (TV, music, games, games,more games). It is usually very quiet and a calm, relaxing atmosphere to get shit done in. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWEVER, not today, it's not. This bitch, with a short haircut that I have only seen on very unfortunate looking little girls or middle aged lesbians, walks in, sits down next to me, as if there aren't 40 other open seats available for her to sit her frumpy, twilight shirt and ill-fitting mom jeans wearing ass in, and pulls of a small Tupperware container of boiled eggs. Girl, really?

For real? That's what were doing now? That's just okay to do. You're just gonna bring them stank ass boiled eggs into the fucking school computer lab and get your eat on like there's not a cafeteria? Can you not read the signs that prohibit food in the labs? She proceeds to eat them, slowly, and the whole while the lab smells like flatulence and the debilitating loneliness I'm sure she's used to. But, you're out in public, bitch! No one else is here for that.

Naturally, it doesn't end there. She has a straw in her drink and, though the actual liquid portion of said drink has been gone for a good ten minutes, she sees no problems with loudly slurping the remaining contents, which I imagine is just recycled bottle plastic. Bitch, how are people supposed to focus with you being excessively annoying? Why do you think this is okay? Why is it illegal for me to drag this bitch over to the large paper cutter at the workstation in the middle of the lab, sling her and her dyke cut onto the wooden platform, and slam the blade down on her neck? I mean really. She's already got two spare necks in case she loses one, an losing her head would be an improvement as far as her looks go, cause her beak could double for a Toucan Sam advert (as the Brits call them) and her brow is one that hasn't been seen since cro-magnon era.

You would think that would be the end of it, but no, you would be wrong. She keeps laughing...loudly. Apparently, fan fiction is fucking HILARIOUS,and I just didn't know it. Girl, take your pitiful ass home, I'm trying to work.



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